Slim down with MMG Meal Plan

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Kim K.

“The MMG Meal Plan changed my life.
I’ve never felt better, eating the food I want to eat and living the life I want to live.”

Our Process

01 Pick your plan

02 Let us take care of the preparation

03 Pick up or have it delivered to your home or office

Meal Plan FAQ

Is there a vegetarian option?

We only use vegetable stock in the preparation of our food. In addition, you can make any menu item vegetarian.

How do I heat my food?

Your meals are conveniently packed in microwave-safe containers. We recommend heating meal containers with the lid slightly open for one and a half to two minutes depending on the power of your microwave. Wraps can be eaten cold or heated depending on your preference. Heat wraps for approximately 45 seconds. Our containers are recyclable and reusable.

How long will my meal stay fresh?

MMG meal plans are prepared without artificial preservatives. As such, meals should be consumed no more than four days from the delivery or pick-up date.

How do I get my meals?

Our Meal Plans are available for pick up or delivery. Please call your local Muscle Maker Grill for more details.

What lifestyle does your meal plan cater to?

We understand that nutrition works differently for different people, which is why our meal plan selections cover a wide variety of needs. From low carbohydrates to high protein, low fat to gluten-free, we have the meal choices that will fit perfectly to your lifestyle and needs.

Where can I find nutritional information?

All relevant nutritional information can be found here.